SQL Server 2014 is here!

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I believe that some of us are still catching up with all the new great features introduced by SQL Server 2012 and now there is more work to do as with April came the general availability of SQL Server 2014, so what’s new with SQL Server 2014?
With this release, perhaps due to the short time-span between 2012 and 2014, no modifications were introduced on SSRS and SSIS; however, there are major great improvements in different areas that are worth to mention.
  • In-memory OLTP Engine. This is a new engine specifically optimized for in-memory data and OLTP. The fellas at Microsoft are claiming performance gain figures of up to 30X.
  • Hybrid Cloud Capabilities. Introduces the notion of backing up and creating databases in the cloud, hence increasing our high-availability capabilities.
  • Improved Columnstore Indexes. Now columnstore indexes can be updated.
Microsoft has made available the full-featured version of SQL Server 2014 to download and trial for up to 180 days, a really good offer for those (like us) keen to test the new features. Alternatively, the database can be trialed for a month using a Windows Azure virtual machine.
To trial SQL Server 2014 using the Windows Azure VM go to http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/
Finally, SQL Server 2014 is offered in three major editions. The principal editions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence, and Standard; the specialized edition: Web; and the breadth editions: Developer and Express.

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